Effective fundraising and donor management to achieve goals.

CrowdChange helps organizations and users achieve timely fundraising events, large and small, through efficient event management.

Currently, CrowdChange is helping them to succeed in fundraising through various functions such as event sharing, message, donor management, recurring donation, and product sales. We are also developing a variety of features, such as dashboards for more effective fundraising and donor management.

Research, analysis, lead product design, design systems, user-testing.
2 product manager, 7 engineers


It's difficult for users to understand their current fundraiser situation and find the features they need.
Crowdchange has data about an organization's current fundraisers. However, there is no place for the organizations to access the data. Therefore, this makes it difficult to plan effectively and to know when to use features appropriately.


Observe how users maintain and manage fundraising.

πŸ™ After creating your online fundraiser, pray for success.

Users pray for successful fundraising without using various functions for successful fundraising, such as sending thank-you messages and managing donors.

πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ Struggle to understand current event situation

It is difficult for users to know what is happening, such as how much is raised each month, how many donors there are, and which team members are successful in raising money, as the data is not well organized.

🧭 Having a hard time finding features.

There were an increasing number of cases in which users struggled to find features they needed. For example, thank you email feature, donor list.

πŸ˜‡ Hard to see all the supporters.

Supporters sign up for events through various routes. Without a list, the organization can't get to know them all and say thank you.


This project applies to three different types of users.

    Our users are organizers, sponsors and donors. And they use function and data according to their purpose.


    We spoke with 10 clients to understand their goals today and what we can do to help them successfully achieve them.

    Designing an experience for a successful fundraising event requires understanding what their event means to donors' lives.
    • Why do donors often come to the event page even though they already donated?
    • How do I set the annual event donation?
    • What unique experiences come with events?


    We divide this journey into three major steps.

      This journey begins with organizers creating an event and avoiding waiting for someone to donate. From now on, we will find ways to increase the probability of fundraiser success through data and relationship management.
      1. Enter Fundraiser
      We show the organizer the fundraising status according to the end date. For example, we tell the organizer the current fundraising amount or status.
      2. See Dashboard
      We provide organizers with the data through our dashboard they need to make the right decisions. Also, sometimes we lead them by offering a variety of options. For example, We can give tips or suggest actions based on fundraiser data.
      3.Take Action
      Based on data, we help the organizer quickly take effective actions for the success of your fundraiser.


      We collaborate with developers to find the information users need and express it visually.

      We will design a user interface that effectively conveys various information such as donor insights, donation trends, relationships with team members, and fundraising current status to users through widgets and allows them to take quick actions.


      Bringing people experiences to new dashboard
      Below is a collection of some of the main screens of the dashboard. We design scalable and meaningful widgets to give client event insights, donor trends. It also provides an opportunity to communicate with donors.


      Know your fundraising event and network

      An important and highly used feature of information widgets is that they help you better understand current events status and anyone's network.


      Help you reach your goals

      Tips will give you six tips on how to make your event more efficient and reach your goals. The six tips include creating a personal page, uploading a hero image, sending a message, earning a badge, sharing a page, and creating a contact list.


      Understand the current fundraising situation.

      The donation widget informs users of the current donation status in real time. You can check the total amount raised, the average amount raised, and the number of donors by month.
      It is very important for users to understand donor trends and behaviour to predict the future by comparing this month to the previous month.


      Thank you message

      Users want to share images or videos obtained through the printer with their team members. This is because new printing methods and problems that are difficult to explain in writing can be explained to the team in detail.
      Sometimes a photo or video is better to convey the print situation more accurately to the reader than text. In particular, the video recorded during the printing process can be the key to solving problems during the printing process.

      Share and make more impact

      Users send direct donation cards to friends, family, and co-workers to encourage them to participate in the event and donate. This is a great feature that can make huge impact their eventΒ 


      Introducing our vision and new dashboard to our big clients
      We decided to showcase this newly designed dashboard first to our big clients Heart and stroke and Terry fox. As a result, we renewed contracts with these two companies and worked on more projects together.

      "Love it! This is what we are looking for future events. This allows us to plan and manage many events more efficiently. πŸ‘"

      Organization - Heart and Stroke

      "We really like it. We are confident that this will help to make and manage events more effectively for hundreds of students. πŸ”₯".

      Organization - Terry Fox